SBL 3/24/13

So this week we launched the member service on the DAREDEVILS.  Hopefully extending the time players spent on the page, and adding a bit more fun to their Tuesdays.  This week we post the Cover to Pitch Black Day, so there won’t be any Member content, but we have a bunch planned for the first chapter of the story; 2 Atomo-Vision pages, a dossier and to get to those you’ll use the decoder the week they come out, but then after that you’ll be able to get them in the folder on the members page.

The concept started out pretty vague.  Just a decoder ring that decoded little messages at the bottom of each blog.  But as we worked on it we realized it could be a lot more.  I wanted a way to get Atomo-Vision more air time, and this seemed like the perfect way to go about it.  Sure, you have to be a member to see it now, but it’s free, so c’mon.  Also we wanted to make some detailed and expandable character dossiers that gave an in depth look into their backgrounds, and that would update as major events unfolded in the DAREDEVILS universe.  We thought that would be too much for the casual reader, so we made a cast page with light info, and we plan to drop the Dossiers on you during pages that prominently feature characters. or reveal something about them that lets us give you additional information if you want it.  We’ll reserve the Dossier feature for when real tough or emotional things happen to the characters.

Facebook has been being terrible to me lately.  I can’t seem to get it to display thumbnails for like, anything.  Every time I link the page it just gives me either no choices or weird ones. So I say enough!  Now I’ll be cutting out a panel or section of the week’s page and post it as a picture.  I’m not going to do that for the Lunch though.  The last few weeks it only seems to recognize the weird seal picture that I posted a while ago.  I like that picture, but I think it fails to truly grasp the ambiance of the Lunch.

I hope the Facebook thumbnail deciding committee decides to let me use that logo this week.

Our Facebook likes have been growing too slowly lately.  164 is pretty good, but I want to be at 264 by the end of Pitch Black Day.  So I’m going to dust off a classic Bonus Lunch .gif to try to drive our Facebook likes to all time highs.  Prepare yourselves.

That’s the Lunch for 3/24

To the Future,




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