SBL 3/17/13

Wow, that banner totally sucks.

It does!  But that’s only because I’ve been super busy with stuff for the DAREDEVILS!

First off, whoa!  A letter from the civil war finds it’s way to a long lost love.  Who knew the Captain was such a softie?  And what a bombshell!  He fought for the South?!  There has to be a story behind that somewhere, right?  Just like all mysteries for the DAREDEVILS, all will be revealed!  Well, eventually it will.  The Captain’s backstory is one of great tragedy and will draw a tear from even the most hardened man.  But next up we have Pitch Black Day!

Pitch Black Day changes the tone of the DAREDEVILS, it’s our most ambitious story yet!  We introduce new DAREDEVILS, new villains, and maybe even a love interest?  Get the life preservers out DAREDEVILERS, because you’ll want to show up every single week to catch the incredible dark excitement that is Pitch Black Day!


It’s my babyman’s birthday!  Argos is turning 4 today, and he already had a dogfood enchilada for breakfast.  In case you can’t tell, he’s an Italian Greyhound and he’s adorable. He’s also super mean to dogs he does not know, so watch out Cup!  He’s 7 pounds of fury.

Back to the plot.  This Lunch is going to be pretty Lunchpacked today, because next week we are dropping the Loyal Order of DAREDEVILERS member page onto the site!  We’ll have a mambers tab up top on our brand new (yet very similar) header, and then you just fill out some info and give your email and we’ll send you an activation link.  Don’t worry, we’re not going to sell your info or anything, we’ll just probably drop you a line when something huge is happening, or we’re starting our Kickstarter.

So a membership page you ask?  A Loyal Order?  What exciting things will you get to do?

The first thing you can do right from Tuesday, is use the Decoder ring!  Dan and I toiled endlessly on this thing, and it is awesome!  Look for the secret code on the bottom of the blog next week for a code you can decipher using the Ring!  Incredible!  What else?

The world of the DAREDEVILS is filled with intrigue and mystery, and they must do everything they can to ensure these mysteries remain in the company of brave men and women, like those aboard the Custer.  On some page updates we’ll give you exclusive access to some of the secrets of the DAREDEVILS, be they crew records, or extended bits of material that appears on the page that week, or anything else the Captain deems too sensitive for normal eyes.

Finally (for now), we’ll hit you with some mind exploding 3D pages featuring our incredible ATOMO-VISION anaglyphic stereoscopic 3D process!  The action will leap off the page at you and you will never be the same again for the rest of your life.  Ever.

Sound good?  Well then be at on Tuesday and get access to our first piece of exclusive content, the first page of Pitch Black Day!  Crazy, right?  Two weeks early we’re dropping this on you.  Get a glimpse of what the DAREDEVILS are in store for, do it!

It’s St. Patty’s day, drink a green beer!  But get your wits about you for Tuesday, because the DAREDEVILS are raising the bar yet again!

That’s the Lunch for 3/17

To the Future,



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