SBL 3/10/13

It’s crunch time here at ThreeOneFive towers.  We’re frantically working to get the new features for the website up and running.  The skeleton is made, we just need to slap a pretty skin on it.  Good news is that it is Spring Break, so I have 7 days of uninturrupted time to work on it…  I’ll probably get to it day 6.

What a page this week, huh?  Boobs.  On. Heads.  The gangsters won.  Whenever you get boobs on your head you won.  It’s in the rules.  That panel is crazy.  I encourage everyone to take a second look.  Each of Sal’s gangmembers is having a great time.  It is worth considering a life of crime over… But even though the DAREDEVILS had one over on them, they got away with their lives and didn’t have to pay Sal any money for docking fees, so they saved a few bucks.

The Cajun Caper was written to serve two purposes.  First, we needed a buffer period between Beaufort Sea and Pitch Black Day.  We wanted Danilo to have ample breathing room to create the next DAREDEVILS story for us at a pace that would let him do his best work.  Secondly, the revelation on the last page of the story, the one on Tuesday, is a game changer.  We could have just had the information in the form of a line of dialog, or maybe in a caption panel, but writing a fun little lighthearted 10 page chase caper seemed like it would be the better play.  On Tuesday, two things will drop!  The page and your jaw!

In two weeks we plan to launch the Loyal Order of DAREDEVILERS membership function to the DAREDEVILS webcomic.  With this, readers will get exclusive content that we’ll drop on them from time to time with the weekly blog post on the bottom of the page post.  The first piece of exclusive content we’re dropping on your face is the first page of Pitch Black Day!  Whaaaaaa?  That’s right.  Pitch Black Day does not start for three weeks, but you get in in two weeks and the first page is just the cover so you get it two weeks early using that math!

The Cajun Caper comes to a close on Tuesday, so there won’t be much more time to talk about it.  For the Lunch this week, I want to show you the thumbnails from some of my favorite pages and how they translated to the final product.

As you can see, Smilton uses very simple wireframes to block out his panel.  I’ve always liked this particular panel because of Joe.  He is reveling in the fact that McGinty and Deveraux are in trouble.  He’s got a youthful energy that is pretty awesome.

Here’s another great panel from early on in the caper.  You can see that pencil Cup’s leg changes sides, and the blaster that Doc had in his hand changes to what was finalized as Mesmorizmo.  We felt that the hand held version of it would translate better on page, and would be easier to identify as something that hypnotized you by doing whatever it does.  Doc invented it, not me.  Ask him.

That’s the Lunch for 3/10

To the Future,




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