Neglect is a Terrible Thing…

Sincerest apologies to all of our fictitious readers…

As you most certainly haven’t noticed, we’ve neglected this blog for nearly two months after a flurry of initial, excited posts. I could go into a number of perfectly good excuses, but really who gives a shit.

Anyways, we’re still plugging away at our comic projects. News about Baby Girl could hit at anytime (seriously, promise) – ┬ástay tuned.

Danilo is plugging away again on Deep Dive Daredevils pages, and as soon as we have a comfortable cushion of pages in the can we will launch it as the world’s latest, greatest webcomic. Much fanfare will ensue.

So, anyway here’s some art to whet your whistle:


Joe and Cup - Art by Danilo Guida

Joe and Cup, two of the Deep Dive Daredevils – COMING SOON!



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