SBL 3/3/13

Fight for the rights of every man.

Only two pages left in our Cajun Caper short story!  The next page is bonkers, then the last page will blow your socks completely off your feet and they will fly into space, orbit around the moon and come back to your feet.  That is how good it is.

In but three short week, your DAREDEVILS experience will be forever changed.  We’ve still got a bunch of work to do, but I’m confidant that we’ll be able to get it done and when we do it will be awesome.  We’re finalizing the mechanics and the art for our little project as we speak, but I’m going to reveal something amazing right now!

The week after the Cajun Caper finishes, you will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the first page of Pitch Black Day an amazing two weeks early!  How you ask?  Well, you’ll  have to use the top secret feature we’re adding to the DAREDVEILS experience!   It’s too early to drop the bomb and reveal the secret of just what the feature is quite yet, but rest assured you’ll want to be on the site in three weeks!

On this week’s page I really wanted Joe to say “…there ain’t even any cannons or nuthin!”  and then McGinty would say “I wouldn’t say that boy-o”  It would have been hilarious.  But Matt put the kabosh on my titty joke.  Jerk.  Regardless, the page turned out pretty good without my hilarity.  Smilton really did a great job with the characters on this page.  Mona looks great, like a brash little old lady who just happens to be a whorehouse operator.    He totally sells it, and in comics, just like in wrstling – if you don’t sell your moves then you suck.  That analogy doesn’t really come together very well, but I wanted to tie something it to the banner, so live with it.

In other news, we did a guest spot for the incredible Pop Culture Hound blog.  It is crazy and I can’t believe he’s Chris Thompson is considering running it.  That being said, it is super funny, to us at least, and if and when he puts it up I’ll put a link to it here.  It’s more in the BABY GIRL vein than the DAREDEVILS one, so we won’t be putting in in the media section of the DAREDEVILS page.  Previous guest bloggers were mostly artists, and they showed their creative process, so since we don’t have any art to show because we’re writers and not artists, we instead put some of our more outlandish Gmail chat sessions that showcased our unique writing process.  There are lots of bad words in it, and most of it is probably only funny to us, but hey – it was a great chance to be part of a big time blog, and Chris Thompson is a ThreeOneFive favorite.

For the Lunch this week, mystery!


What are these symbols?  What do they mean?  Stay tuned Loyal DAREDEVILERS!

That’s the Lunch for 3/3

To the Future,




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