SBL 2/24/13

DAREDEVILERS, I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.

Joe is displeased.  The owls were not as they seemed and 126 Conti is a whorehouse house of ill repute bawdyhouse bordello brothel cathouse den of vice house of ill fame joy house not a place for a 10 year old kid.  This place has more cannons than he would know what to do with, but alas – they are of the wrong sort!  What a hideout for the Grand Pirate Willows!  As you can see, the rest of the DAREDEVILS are taking a break from their immanent execution at the hands of a bloodthirsty group of murderous Cajuns to enjoy the view.  Why not?  Enjoy it while you can guys, because on Tuesday things might be a whole lot different.

126 Conti is based off of real life 1026 Conti, famously the last whorehouse in Storyville.  Which was a place in New Orleans that had legalized prostitution until 1917.  Somebody didn’t tell our fictional Conti house just like they didn’t tell the real one, as we’re 20 years after the closing of Storyville.  The real house also looks a bit different than house, and it wasn’t located in the same part of town as we put it, but we’re allowed to take liberties, bro.  So back off.

Doc’s look on this page is priceless.  He popped his collar.  Even the world’s greatest man of science took the time to pop his collar when confronted with 4 hot prostitutes.  That is what we call character development people!  McGinty, being a proper Scottish gentleman, is sniffing his pits – somewhere we’ve all been.  When I sneak a pit-sniff, I like to pretend I’m scratching an itch on my chin with my shoulder, because I’m super discreet.  No one has ever caught me.  Out of everyone, Deveraux is the most excited dude in the bunch, and is in the midst of some sort of joy seizure.  Have some decorum, sir!

I talked a little bit about some new features we’re working on last week.  You’ll be happy to know that we’re on track to getting the new stuff up and running by the time Pitch Black Day hits.  One thing we’ll have is a Secret Clubhouse area where you can do fun stuff.  We’re calling the club The Loyal Order of DAREDEVILERS, because we’ve been calling you Daredevilers for almost a year now, so why not make it official.  We’re building the system from the ground up, so it is all custom made.  You know we don’t like cookie cutter nonsense on the page, you’re better than that.  I hope I’ll have some images for your eyes next week.

Last week I told you that I would be dropping some Pitch Black Day art on you, and I’m a man of my word (when it comes to this kind of thing).  As you know, the Custer was bashed up real bad by the Werewhale in Secret of the Beaufort Sea, our first DAREDEVILS adventure.  In Cajun Caper, our current story, the DAREDEVILS are in port, getting their stuff fixed.  Well DAREDEVILERS, for the Lunch this week, take a look at the refit Custer!

Behold the Custer refit!

The backend of the Custer has been modified significantly.  The bomb in the belly of the sub forced the relocation of the shuttlebay, and the engines were moved back and overhauled in a profound way.  Also, it looks like the tail section itself has been worked on.  What a piece of Lunch this week!

Next week’s page is a doozy DAREDEVILERS!  The story takes another turn you’ll have to see to believe!

That’s the Lunch for 2/24

To the Future,




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