SBL 2/17/13

Blog time!

Gather ’round DAREDEVILERS, I’ve got some new Lunch for you this week.  We’re working on making the DAREDEVILS even cooler than it is now by making your weekly experience on our site more interactive.  We appreciate the time you spend on our website every week, even if it is for only the 5 minutes it takes to read the page.  We want you to have fun while you’re with us too, so we’re cooking up a golden-age way to do that.  We’re not the biggest webcomic out there, but damned if we won’t try to be the best.  We’re hoping to get get something on the site by the time Pitch Black Day launches.  Wish us luck.

This week’s page was a fun one to work on.  We had a spirited debate as to the sound effects that twin machine guns would make.  RAT TAT TAT TAT was an early favorite, but we thought it was old hat.  Lots of gangsters guns went RAT TAT TAT.  BRRRRRAPPP was brought up, but it doesn’t look that great spelled out, even if it is very accurate.  Plus, looking at the guns that Sal has, we thought they would make a more significant noise.  CHOPPA CHOPPA sounds too much like Meat Choppers, which is what he called his guns.  BOOM BOOM is too generic, BANG BANG too.  BRACKA CHACKA CHACKA sounded interesting, and we decided upon after many minutes of exhausting discussion.  Did we make the right call?  The truth is that no matter what we picked, Fonografiks was going to make it look good.  I’ve said it before and I’ll always say it.  The DAREDEVILS wouldn’t be the same without the lettering work we get.  It is spectacular.

We have a lot of great collaborators.  Comic Rocket has been there for us almost since we started, in fact we almost started at the same time.  They do a great job of organizing webcomics and bookmarking pages you’ve been to.  You can also create a pull list there to organize the comics you read without browsing.  I recommend it.  We can always count on them to retweet our stuff on twitter.  They are good peeps for sure.

Speaking of twitter, Matt just got to 200 followers!  Only like 2/3 are weird sex bots, so it’s legit.  He’s worked really hard to get @thethreeonefive on the map, and he has conversations with people way more famous than we are all the time.  But he could have a conversation pretty much anyone and still have that statement be true.

Seriously though on the Twitter-tip, the connections that we have made through them have been great, and really make us feel like we’re in a community of people wasting their lives on silly picture books.

Another of our internet homeboyz is Challenger comics.  They currently are the home of BABY GIRL, and it is run by the super handsome Ryan Ferrier.  I’ve actually never seen him, but Matt and Dan told me he was handsome, so I’ll take their word for it.  He rolled out the red carpet for us and promoted BABY GIRL as if it was his own.  Well it’s got a great home on Challenger, and every person on the planet should go there and read it.  Unless you are offended by sex violence swearing dismemberment nazis explict sexual flashbacks domestic terrorism the c word agism assbombs anything, then don’t read it.

We're one big happy family!

There isn’t much else to report on our end.  But rest assured DAREDEVILERS we’ll have some brand new art from Pitch Black Day next week.   Not just promo art this time, real page art!

That’s the Lunch for 2/17

To the Future,




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