SBL 2/10/13

And the Lunch is back!

We took the day off last week to celebrate the Super Bowl in Las Vegas!  Finally sober, we have some fun stuff to discuss.  First of all, what a game!  Right?  Unless you were a 49ers fan, then booooooo.  Second, we got reviewed by not one, but TWO sites since we’ve been back!  Both were very positive, and we thank the reviewers very much for taking the time to read the greatest comicbook stories ever committed to web or paper anywhere in this or any other world or galaxy in the universe our humble little stories.

You can check out Robert Patey’s blog reviewing us.  It will appear on Ain’t It Cool News sometimes soon as well, which is a pretty big deal.  I’ll link to that next week.  I need to get as much mileage out of the press as I can!

Then, check out Multiversity’s review of Secret of the Beaufort Sea – Spoiler alert We got an 8/10!  Pretty good.  I’d give us a 128/10, but that’s me.

So what happened this week in the blotter?  Well Mezmorizmo showed up!  Wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu – That is the noise we decided that it made.  You’d be surprised with how often we discuss the noises that things make.  This isn’t one of those times, mind you.  It is pretty obvious that a gun that shoots hypnosis at you would make a wuwuwuwuwuwuwu noise.  C’mon.  Be serious.

Later in this chapter Matt, Dan, and I actually got into an hour long fight about how a sound effect should be spelled out.  Stay tuned!  This is stuff you can’t get anywhere else other than the Sunday Bonus Lunch.

Speaking of that, I promised some good stuff, so I’ve got some sketches from Pitch Black Day that will melt your monitors.
We thought the Custer could use some beautifying, so now it is my please to introduce Abigail.
 What’s her deal?  Well you’re going to have to wait a couple more weeks for that DAREDEVILERS.  I’ll tell you this much though, she’s British.  *gasp*

But why stop there with the bonuses?  Check out the cover to Pitch Black Day.  It’s like Christmas!

This isn’t the final version of it, mind you.  That will have little peeks of Page 1 coming out of the top where the cover is ripped.  But even that small glimpse would be too much for the mind of mere mortal men to m… mm.. matriculate?  Whatever.  It isn’t colored yet, so it’s not in there.

Next week on the DAREDEVILS, get ready for the most dangerous page yet!  Wooden Nickel Sal is not happy with Doc.  Who can blame him?  Breaking into someone’s seedy hangout through the wall like some crazed kid’s drink mascot is a bunk thing to do.  But Doc doesn’t have time to care about trivial things like that.
He’s the World’s Greatest Man of Science, not the World’s Most Politest Man.

That’s the Lunch for 2/10

To the Future




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