SBL 1/27/13

It’s Sunday dudes!

I sang karaoke tonight, something I swore I was retired from, but a few 32oz Miller Lites talked me into it.  I have a pretty storied career in the ‘raoke game, and the cold steel of the mic felt good tonight.  Still, the thought of riding the blue masticore is one that I cannot bear.  Karaoke is a terrible way to spend your night.  I have to keep telling myself that.

Another terrible way to spend the night is tied up in a Cajun mob boss’s hidehout while they play cards and discuss your ransom.  And that is exactly what happened this week on the DAREDEVILS!  The discussion between McGinty and Deveraux was hotly debated between the writers.  I wanted Deveraux to call McGinty a “Big Ginger Baby” but it was vetoed for a more compassionate interaction between the two.  We’re trying to show their bond together because they are super best friend, so playful ribbing or brotherly support were our two options.

I really like the gangster in just the vest, I’ll call him Carl.  (Despite his Asian heritage he was raised by American parents)  I’d like to think he was getting dressed at his home that morning and took a look in the mirror and was like “You look great, Carl.  Today’s the day we do it.  Just the Vest.”  He would take a deep breath and finish his affirmation, “Today is the first day of the New Us.”  That’s the story I see anyway.  It’s not cannon so go on ahead and make up your own story for him.

In other awesome news, Baby Girl has found new life over at!  Go to that link I just posted and then click on Baby Girl for some totally awesome awesomeness.  We have some cool stuff planned for the First Lady of Vulgarity soon.  Stay tuned!

In other news, ABC cancelled one of my favorite new shows “Last Resort.”  This was was fun, and it had a submarine in it, and it had Taylor Townsend from The OC in it.  I’m very bummed out about the loss of this show, but that opens up the TV market for another submarine driven show.  I think I might know a story featuring a cool sub with a sharkface on it.  Do it ABC.  Now is the time!

It’s The Rock again!  He’s here to tell you that Matt and I are going to the Royal Rumble PPV in Phoenix tonight!  We’ve been huge fans of the WWE pretty much our whole lives, and tonight will be pure geeked out radicalness for us.  Here’s a fun story:  One time back in 2002 I broke up with my then girlfriend, just so I could watch Monday Night Raw.  Sure there are other reasons, but I remember clearly thinking to myself – I can either get into a huge argument right now and fight to save this relationship, or I can watch the Rock and Mankind fight on RAW.  I know that I made the right call.  It was the attitude era.  Raws were really good back then.

Also, if I hadn’t done that then I wouldn’t be engaged right now!  That’s right, over the holiday I asked my girlfriend of 4 years to marry me by carving her likeness into my chest and then pouring ballpoint pen ink in the cuts just like Marky Mark did in that movie Fear by surprising her while she was cooking dinner for once for us.  It was very romantic.

In lieu of flowers, donate to the DEEP DIVE DAREDEVILS by clicking our new Donate button!  It is super easy to find, just go to any comic page and check out the brand new awesome sidebar under the art.  The Donate button is the one with the happy family on it.  What?  You want me to post it right here?  Ok!

That’s the Lunch for 1/27

To the Future,



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