SBL 10/14/12


This week over at the DAREDEVILS we unleash a revelation.  So Joe is back with the Shaman’s tribe, and then the Gardner shows up.  When did this happen?  Is this the past?  Is it a vision?  What does this mean for Joe’s challenge?  So many questions.  If we are making you question things here, good.  This portion of the story is pretty serious, and very important.   These next few pages actually are starting to become some of my favorites because they have both visual impact and should evoke some thoughts about just what in the world is going down, up in the Beaufort sea!

Danilo can draw a boat huh?  We wanted this page to be as dramatic as possible, so making it have a huge panel on top was a key here.  Danilo picked the perfect angle to express the gravitas of the moment, having the Gardner loom large over Joe gives the perfect feeling of impending dread.  Also, the face work that Danilo has accomplished this chapter has been excellent.


Hey look, the bear is back!  Anyway, the amount of emotion packed into these last two pages has been great, but it does not stop here.  This journey that Joe finds himself on will take him to the limits.  Is Joe up for it?  The fate of the ship rests in his hands as well as the fate of Captain Armstrong.  Surely a 10 year old kid cannot bear this weight.  These burdens would crush any of us, right?

So for the last few pages we have been feeding you heaping helpings of plot.  Up to chapter four the story has flown along, full of exciting moments and cliffhangers that drive the story at a breakneck pace.  Now, here at the end of the story we are slowing things up a bit to dish out the exposition.  During the writing process I was wary of this, but Matt and Dan together really championed this area of the story, and eventually won me over.  My fear was that in a page-a-week format the pace of the story might just be too slow.  I brought it up several times at our “meetings” (which is us just eating burritos and watching South Park), and I was sure that people’s attention would wander if we dropped such a big portion of (awesome) plot on them.  Clearly though this isn’t the case, people are digging it.  I guess I was wrong for the first time ever.  The slow down actually allows you to sit down and enjoy thje story rather than wolfing down and barely tasting it.  If that makes sense.

It's a metaphor, dude.

In other DAREDEVILS news, we just got our fist art previews from Smilton on our next story, and this one is going to be great.  His story telling is extremely solid, and the pages flow with stylish and fun panel layouts.  It is going to be a wild ten week ride, and we are chomping at the bit to get this story out of our brains and into your eyes!

Speaking of eyes, the Arizona Cardinals are making mine cry tears of shame right now because Kolb just got a safety and then CJ Spiller just scored a touchdown on us.  I traded Kolb to Dan this week in our fantasy league, so I bet he is even more overcome with the crushing sadness that is usually associated with being a Cardinals fan.  Matt usually watches the games with his beautiful baby girl Jean, and I bet she just learned a few new words…  At least growing up a Cards fan will make her humble.  I need a .gif to cheer me up.

That’ll do it.

Anyway, the ThreeOneFive wants to thank you again for you continued support and fandom, which autocorrect is saying isn’t a word.  Fandom, right?  Whatever, it’s saying that autocorrect isn’t a word too.  Alanis Morrisette probably has something to say about that.  I digress.  Thank you!  It is because of you that we keep going, and if you keep reading it, we’ll keep writing it.

That’s the Lunch for 10/14

To the Future,









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