SBL 9/30/12

Welcome again, Lunchaholics.

Chapter four started this week and we unveiled an old school 9 panel page.  Such a classic page format.  My personal favorite 9 panel format comic is Watchmen, which really isn’t that daring a favorite, but whatever – it’s a classic for a reason.

We needed to do a catch-up page like we did with chapter two, but we have more balls up in the air this time, so the wide open feel of Chapter 2, page 1 could not be repeated this time.  Jumping from place to place in the story required more panels,  and one of the great benefits of having Danilo on the art is that his detail work is so good that we can really cram a lot of information into a page without the loss of any art quality.  The classic 9 panel format was the perfect solution for what we needed the page to accomplish, and both got everyone caught up, and left us with a satisfying cliffhanger.

I wish I could get further in depth about the page, but there are so many clues and things that will become important is subsequent pages that I can’t go too in depth about just where the hell Joe is, or who that topless lady is in Doc’s book.  As for Joe and Cup, We’ll find out where they ended up on Tuesday, and what the nature of the challenge that waits them is.  And as for the Sea Godess, you’ll see…

As the Lunch this week though I will give you a small glimpse into the future.  See the hatching style art Danilo uses on that last panel? (pictured above)  Where else have we seen that?

Maybe they are connected somehow.

The DAREDEVILS are moving on to the thick of the plot now, things are about to get heavy.  Which is why the next couple pages were so often discussed between us, I will fill you in on the creative process we had in the weeks to come and what these heated discussions were all about!  In case you’ve forgotten, the ThreeOneFive is a writing collective, and being a part of a three man writing team most of the time sometimes leads to disagreements.

But we always end up on the same page.

Speaking of other members of the ThreeOneFive, it was just Matt’s Birthday!  So happy birthday Matt.  Now finish the script to Pitch Black Day.

Concerning our store, we won’t have inventory left in there munch longer DAREDEVILERS, so make sure to grab a piece of Daredevils history while supplies are still available.  Someday when the DAREDEVILS are the president of the United States, and you look back, you’ll wish you had jumped at the opportunity to get your hands on awesomeness!

So what else is new?  I saw Cabin in the Woods, didn’t care for it.

That’s the Lunch for 9/30

To the Future,





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