SBL 9/23/12

Holy smokes!

This week we find ourselves in between chapters, but that does not mean we are taking a break!  What a great pin-up by our incredible guest artist Smilton, right?  Before we get too into the Lunch this week, I want to show off his unaltered art.

I wanted to show the piece without the 2013 background to give it the respect it deserves as a standalone work of art.  We are using it as a teaser pin-up for our content next year, so the 2013 was justified, but man – what a great splash.  He really nailed their personalities and the look on Deveraux’s face is perfect.

So what information can we glean from the image above?  Well, we have our resident rapscallions, Deveraux and McGinty, and they seem to be on a festive street with unique ironwork railings.  Interesting.  I bet there are more clues too, but I’m not telling.

This story will run in between Secret of the Beaufort Sea and Pitch Black Day.  It is 10 pages, a lot of fun, and it will leave you with equal parts new understanding about the DAREDEVILS and new questions about just what the heck is going on here!  I can’t wait to get it in that blotter!

But first things first DAREDEVILERS, lets not get distracted.  We still have the senses-shattering final chapter of Secret of the Beaufort Sea to unleash upon the world!  In just two days we start to unfurl all the details about just who the Shaman is and why he is doing this to Armstrong, and let’s not forget about the trials that Joe and his faithful companion Cup must endure to secure the Ambergris.  Keep reading it and we’ll keep writing it, we’re doing great so far and we don’t have plans to stop any time soon.

Matt mentioned the Radiograms in his blog this week.  For those you you not familiar with the Radiograms, they are little communications we put on our Facebook page and Twitter every Monday before our page release.  They give a little tease of the page to come, and they add to the DAREDEVILS experience, if for just a moment.

The idea for the Radiogram came from the front page of the webcomic.  (remind me to tell you about how we got THAT thing up and running, crazy.  We wanted to have something on there that told our readers that Hey!  We update every Tuesday!  So we put on our thinking caps.  The thing needed to make sense in the quasi-desk theme we had going.  The idea of a telegram was brought up, and bingo.  The Radiogram was born.  For the lunch this week, lets take a look at how a Radiogram is made from start to finish.

That is a look at all the layers that went into the making of this week’s Radiogram.  While it isn’t one of the most distressed one’s I’ve made, it does beg the question – Who is in charge of keeping these things?  Whoever it is does a really bad job.  But the real question is why don’t I just make a template and use that one every time?  It would save me so much time.  The answer DAREDEVILERS, is because I care.  The whole aging thing should look organic, like it just happened and that’s just how the paper ended up.  Making a template for them would ruin that I think.

And that’s the Lunch for 9/23

To the Future,





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