SBL 9/16/12


So chapter three comes to a close, Joe and Cup have jumped into a mysterious portal created by a man wearing a crazy mask that they just met inside the belly of a raging werewhale.  Did this kid not watch the Stranger Danger video?

This last page was the first time we did a repeating panel page.  I like these a lot, as they really show off the environment, and then the characters interactions within it.  It feels really cinematic when used correctly.  The last panel without Joe and Cup on it, and the Captain swearing through the communicator works especially well for me.  It gives the chapter end that extra oomph that sets up an awesome cliffhanger.

If you thought that the story was wild so far, just wait until the final chapter.  It gets, as Jay-Z would say “Cray”.  Chapter 4 is 12 pages, so we’ve got 3 months of awesome in store for you.  Hold on to your potatoes!

This Tuesday we will be showcasing the guest artist that will be doing a 10 page story that will run in between Secret of the Beaufort Sea and Pitch Black Day.  It is our intention moving forward to do major stories with Danilo, and then have smaller stories in between done by a guest artist.  This should be really fun, and we hope you enjoy it.

In personal news, I’ve been taking some art classes so I can provide you with a better Lunch experience.  Check out the new header!  Explosions!  It’s like its really happening.  Like Golum from Lord of the Rings.

Speaking of Lord of the Rings, id Frodo anyone’s favorite character in the whole world?  Does anyone out there say, “I love all the scenes with Frodo.”  No, they don’t.  Frodo sucks.  Sure, he stepped up to the plate and took the ring in the first place, but for the rest of the time he’s just falling down and passing out and talking really slow.  Sam saved him like 4 times.  At the end he doesn’t even make the right choice.  Golum has to bite his finger off to get it away from him.  So then you’d think he’d be done being a big sissy wuss, but he goes on to them never fully recover from the sadness of the Ring ordeal and has to sail away with the elves on a bot to some place nobody cares about.  I hate him.  He’s the worst.

I tried to find a picture of Frodo but I got so mad I just picked something awesome instead.

Our Facebook page has been getting a bunch of good likes lately, and that is awesome!  We put a ton of effort into all of our DAREDEVILS stuff, so you should certainly stop by and give us a like.  You should also follow Matt on Twitter, he’s done a fine job of networking and making us look like we know what we are doing.

And finally, a big thanks to the DAREDEVILERS and the Lunchskateers out there.  Your comments on the page and on Twitter and Facebook are awesome, keep them coming!  We love doing this stuff, and your support makes us happy.

And thats the Lunch for 9/16

To the Future,





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