SBL 9/9/12

Ah man, this again?  Welcome to the Lunch!

This week on the DAREDEVILS, Joe defines his character by refusing to walk away and save himself when the mysterious masked man offers him an easy route of escape.  We only release a page a week, so when pages like this come along, it is important that they really have a lot of impact.  This page is so vital in understanding who Joe is as a character. Here he is, ripped from the literal jaws of death and thrust into a scenario that would leave any normal man at the foot of madness.  He is confronted by an enormous figure wearing a crazy, terrifying mask with huge sharp fingers telling him to cut ties with a man that Joe had only known in non murderous were-whale form for less than a day.  But Joe made a promise to the guy in that time, and Joe comes through on his promises.  All this in one page.  It is one of my favorites.  It is a great big bite of awesome.

We’ve been looking forward to getting this page in the blotter for some time.  While not the most splashy or action packed page for the DAREDEVILS, like the Captain reveal or the Whale attack pages, this page really shines brightly with story telling.  Story telling seems so obvious, but it is an easy thing to fall short on, and it is an easy thing to overlook on a page.

Just having some guys on a page next to each other in the right poses isn’t enough to sell a story (for us anyway).  Care has to be taken to frame the scene in a way that flows the reader’s eyes down the page in an organic and pleasing way that propels the story forward through the beats of the action.  Even very little subtle things like having the character’s eye’s pointing in the right direction to pull the reader to the point of action or tension separate the good pages from the mediocre.

The lettering on a page is also pivotal in this flow as well.  Text boxes and word bubbles should guide the reader’s eye through the action and down the page.  Since I’ve been dabbling with Illustrator, I’ve tried to letter a few of our old pages, and the skill involved in making a page flow effortlessly is anything but.  Fonografiks letters like an expert meganinja.

So when the two get together on a page like this -long story short- it’s awesome.

Many of you have emailed me and asked how my buffet gut was doing.  Bad.  It is bad.

For the Lunch this week, I’m going to showcase my favorite shot of Joe Danilo has ever drawn.  Everything about it is full of awesomeness, and since I’m going .GIF crazy today, I’ll make one showing it from pencils to letters.

 Let’s show the incredible direction we gave Danilo from the script!

And that’s the Lunch for 9/9

To the Future,





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