SBL 9/2/12

Welcome to the Las Vegas edition of the Sunday Lunch!

Today I begin my vacation, but Matt and Dan are forcing me to blog anyway, so I will be live blogging from Vegas via my iPhone.  This means I might not be able to add fun pictures while I’m carousing.  Sad!

Let’s talk about the page before I get too cray cray.

This splash page is awesome,  it both advances the story AND it provides a visual shock that the reader was not expecting.  Well, hopefully you weren’t expecting Captain Armstrong to be strung up on an Inuit altar as a bizarre man confronts Joe and Cup.  If you saw that coming then bravo.  This page is another example of Danilo taking the creative reigns and giving us a better page than we asked for.  Matt provided the nuts and bolts of what we wanted him to draw, but Danilo gave it a great visual impact, and more life.  It really is nice to have an artist fully on board a project.  That is what makes the DAREDEVILS team so good I think, everyone really wants to be here, and we are all very willing to accept and run with with each others visions.  When it all works out it makes this gig pretty exciting.

Very exciting.

See you in Vegas!

-Sunday 12:00AM

I made it!  Trying to blog on the iPhone is like what I imagine the Internet is like in prison.  But I will bravely soldier on.

In case you missed it last week, pop culture hound interviewed Matt and Dan over some drinks at a bar in San Diego. During the interview, after Dan accused me of having 20 enterprise models(I have 8), Matt leaked the title of our next major DAREDEVILS story.  Pitch Black Day.  Sounds awesome right?  It is.  But before you go getting too excited about that, I have something else for you to get excited about first!  As we speak Matt is putting the finishing touches on a short fill in story in between Beaufort Sea and Pitch Black Day.  During the break in between chapters 3 and 4 we will unveil the guest artist.  Stay tuned, it’s going to be a fun one.

Being in Las Vegas is awesome.  While I’m carousing, Dan will keep you entertained with a fun picture!

-Sunday 1:38pm

It looks like more than eight to me. -Dan

Yeah but only 8 of them are enterprises.

It has become clear to me that my twitter account is haunted.  Twice now I tweeted something and then something indirectly having to do with what I tweeted about happened in a totally non-coincidental way.  It’s eerie.  I wonder what is haunting it.  Could it be the ghost of a las Vegas gangster, buried in the desert and passing on the luck he once had in life?  Maybe I’ll pitch this as a DAREDEVILS story!  They had twitter in the 30s right?

What Twitter in the 1930s would look like. Stupid, Right?

-Sunday 6:46pm

Whays wrong with me?  Why do I always cheap out and go for the cheapest buffets available?  I know that every time I eat at one the food is pig trough bunk.  Then I end up just eating a boatload of the one thing on the menu I enjoy.  Today I ate like 9 pieces of friedchickens that was so greasy that my left eye started having shooting pains.  The girl friend resorted to eating a pile of fried clams that I’m sure will rear their clamheads later on.  Do clams have heads?  Like inside their shell?  New story idea:  the Custer befriends a giant clam with a simple request:  find my head! Meanwhile, McGinty accidentally drink a genie in a whiskey bottle.  Hilarity.

Reenactment of Evin and his girlfriends reaction to the buffet.

-Sunday 9:25pm

Ok, I couldn’t figure out how to edit the post after about 10pm last night.  I apologize.  Anyway, this morning we dared the buffet again.  It was way better than last night.  I should be given some sort of medal of bravery for trying the chorizo eggs. They were good. Moving on, the best value in Vegas is bingo at the Gold Coast hotel.  It’s $12 and you get all the free beer that you can possibly consume in 1 hr.  So what if it’s 9:00 in the morning?

As further evidence that I’m getting old, people over 50 get a discount on the buffet and bingo.  We did both of those today already.  Old people have it so good.  Story idea! Lille ship is waylayed(?) by a group of children from a race of people who age backwards.  Someone call the mork and mindy people, I smell a crossover!

Apparently only those descended from chickens age that way. -Dan

-Monday 10:05am

It seems like keno is the safest thing you can possibly do with your money.  When I got here I immediately played 200 games of 10 cent keno in a row.  It lasted roughly 10 hours and when I went to check my numbers in the morning I found out that I had won 4 bucks. From now on when I come here I’ll just play like 48 hours of Leno do I know I won’t come home completely destitute.  And that concludes the financial advisement portion of the Sunday(Monday) Lunch!

It seems like twitter is a buzz about the next installment of Baby Girl, due out this Wednesday!  It is the final part of our three part salute to vulgarity, so you absolutely must pick it up.  It has art by some of the best guys in the business, and it is written by the most handsomest men in all of comicbookdom. (us). Story idea!  Baby Girl visits the Custer during a shore leave in…  No.  Nevermind.

An example of "Baby Girl Buzz". -Dan

-Monday 7:07pm

I hate you, Evin. As many years as I have been going to Vegas, I still have not made it out to see Penn and Teller. -Dan

So, that happend. If it looks like I’m talking, I am.  I’m saying “what’s you favorite webcomic?  And then he said “Axe Cop”.

Just kidding, I asked him if he would do celebrity apprentice all-stars, and he said “maybe”. So not much of a scoop.  I know you come here for news on the cutting edge, but I ain’t got none this time.  Btw, Penn and Teller is a awesome show.  Go to it.

-Monday 11:42pm

This weird Asian dice game has become both my obsession and my undoing. I threw a 50 in it today just to try it out, it took my money gladly and left me empty, and now I want to give it all my money. All of it.

Listen, Today I played an early session of BINGO with our new elderly homies, my favorite if which is an ex special ops man confined to a rascal and (I’m guessing) mostly blind in both eyes. He’s badass. I went to pull out a chair so he could wheel up to the table and he batted my hand away. He then swore at me with a smile and handled the whole deal himself. This dude is awesome.
Anyway, so I ended up getting a BINGO and raking in $100 bucks. The guy swore at me again, but whatever, hundred bucks. The whole time though all I could think about was that weird Asian dice game and it’s magical writing on the side that I can’t read.

The game has these three dice inside a big see-thru chamber. It works kind of like roulette in that you bet on the results of the three comically large dice. The infectious part is that everyone sitting around the dice chamber has a small red plunger in front of them, and once a roll, whoever’s turn it is gets to press that button and the dice get smashed around the chamber. While this is happening, all of the onlookers (mostly Asians who look like they know exactly what is happening) start making the noise you make right before the opening kickoff in a football game. “oooooooooaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh” and then when you push the button they yell “sick bo!” which is the name of the game maybe? Anyway, then they all start backslapping and frantically chatting. It’s the best. Only it’s now cost me 80 bucks trying to figure out what is happening. I know when to yell now at least. I’m sure there’s a story in here somewhere, but right now the machine calls…

Surrender your secrets, oh great and powerful dice bubble. -Dan

-Tuesday 2:06pm

My blog posts have slowed down in conjunction with my mental and physical wellness. I fear the girlfriend is experiencing similar fatigue to her system. Example: Buffets are starting to have profound impact on her. Not 30 seconds ago I saw her look at another person’s plate and then slowly pull her lips back over her gums, bearing her teeth. Then, from deep within her, from where I can only assume she keeps the base desire to make babies, she said “onion rings.”. The words came out deep and slow, almost inaudable. It was terrifying.

Speaking of buffets, I’m pretty sure I stumbled upon the best one in the world. It saddens me that I won’t be here for it, but the fact that it exists gives me reason to keep going.

You may be sad, but your colon isn

All. You. Can. Beef.

Last night we went to Tony and Tina’s wedding, a dinner theater interactive play about a dysfunctional family wedding. You get to watch the wedding and then participate in the reception as the actors do their thing around you. It was fun. I caught the garter when it was thrown, and then I shoved it into an old man’s hand and walked away. Overall the play was ok. Go see something else if you’re only seeing one show, but see this if you’ve seen everything else. That’s what I would say if I was reviewing Las Vegas shows.

We’re going to the Tournament of Kings tonight at the Excalibur. I’ll take some pics. They serve you a whole chicken! I’m sure my vegetarian gf will love it! More later…

-Wednesday 11:43pm

We didn’t end up going to Tournament of Kings. No medieval jousting and full roasted chickens for me. Instead we (surprise!) went to another buffet, then to Cirque du whatever “Mystere”.

The buffet was Carnival World at the Rio. It was nuts, but I was so worn down from Vegas and suffering from buffet gut already that I had to choose one genre of food and stick with it. Here’s what my stomach looked like going into this:

Chorizo eggs(again – what’s wrong with me?)
Acid reducer
Sweet and sour pork
Orange chicken wings(terrible)
Fried ravioli and marinara
Penne pasta

So when we rolled up on this particular buffet, there was an other worldly alchemy brewing in my stomach. I’ll note here that my girlfriend makes me stop eating buffet food once I start sweating “profusely”, so… Seems fair. I barely choked down two plates of Mexican food, she banged down (not kidding) 4 plates of crab legs. Big plates.

Just as pretty on plate 4. -Evin

Mystere was ok. I’ll just say that if I was really that interested in watching shirtless guys manhandle each other for an hour I’d rewatch True Blood season 3.

And that’s about it. I tried to tie in some DAREDEVILS stuff in there, but I think this just mostly turned into a “what did Evin eat, and how much intestinal discomfort is he in?” thing. Whatever. I’ll wrap this up from home once I get there. Until then,

-Thursday 1:52pm

And I’m home.  I didn’t blog as soon as I got home because I felt like total garbage and needed to sleep urgently.  So, good trip.  I didn’t get a single cab, I never paid for a beer, and I didn’t throw up – even though I should have.  Win.

Man, looking back on this post, I made a lot of typos.  I should feel bad about it, but you know what they say?

That’s the Lunch for 9/2 to 9/7

To the Future,




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