SBL 8/19/12

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Chapter Three is deep into some exposition, and this week Doc makes the discovery that we’re dealing with a Tuurngait, which is based on an actual Inuit belief.  As we move forward with our stories featuring the DAREDEVILS, one of things we will try to do is ground them into some sort of actual mythology or legend, or surround them with actual events that happened in history.  The DAREDEVILS exist within such an interesting and incredible portion of history, so we should have no shortage of fun stuff to work with.

We get a decent amount of mail about the DAREDEVILS and how they relate to different elements of WWII.  To those people all I can say is “Hang on, we’ll get there.”  And we will, and it will be awesome.

This page, while almost entirely exposition, was actually a point of contention between Matt and I during the writing process.

Sometimes we clash about plot points, sometimes we argue about whether or not a certain character would make that decision in that situation.  And sometimes we argue about very small and insignificant things, like what the communicator is called.

He certainly has Doc, but why is it called that?

The Voicdat Module was a byproduct of looking at the script for way too long.  I’d had this script in front of me for ages, I’d read the words over and over again.  Then suddenly – with less than a week before we submitted it to Fonografiks for lettering – I wanted to a make a very minor and unnecessary change.

This thing can do what now?

We didn’t need to.  But I had a burr under my saddle.  Is that a saying?  I think it is.  Well if it is, then I had one.  This burr demanded that the communicator be called something more  interesting.  It is the best part of sci-fi!  What if the Tricorder was just called a scanner.  Lame sauce.  This is how that conversation ended, hours later.  Witness the genius of the ThreeOneFive!

Right. BUT WHAT DOES IT DO? Find out on Tuesday!

Atomo makes no sense?  Like atomic? Whatever.  I’ll get atomo in there somehow.  If you have an idea for some gizmo that Doc McCarver invented that has the word ATOMO in it, leave a comment below, or email us like you usually do.  Keep in mind that the Doc is the world’s greatest man of science, so it has to do something incredible. Captain Custer is depending on YOU!

ATOMO-COAT TAIL-WHIPPER (pictured above)

In other ThreeOneFive news, we have to give a big thanks to all of our readers!  The last three weeks have seen the most unique users on the comic than ever!  Our Facebook likes and Twitter followers have grown too.  If you aren’t one of those two things, then shame on you, do it now!  You’ll get access to a Radiogram every Monday that teases Tuesday’s new page, and other cool news about anything that happens to pop up.  Don’t worry about your timeline getting clogged with too many DAREDEVILS related posts either.  One – because there is never “Too Much” DAREDEVILS, there is only “the perfect amount”, and Two – we only update it 3-5 times a week.

As a bit of Lunch this week, have an exclusive early look at this week’s Radiogram!

Not tomorrow, tomorrow.  But Monday’s tomorrow.  Because it comes out on Monday…  The Radiogram.  The page comes out on Tuesday…

That’s the Lunch for 8/19

To the Future,




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