Baby Girl: Behind the Panels Part II

We had a concept, a script, and a plan. None of that meant jack without an illustrator to bring it to life

So, we placed a want ad in all the usual spots – Digital Webbing, Penciljack, and The Drawing Board. The ad made it clear that we were offering a paid gig on a short, self-contained project…and boy did that payoff.

As soon as DAVID HAHN’s email hit the inbox the open call was over. Not only is he an experienced pro, but more importantly, his style was a perfect fit for Baby Girl – clean, expressive lines with a stylish, cartoony edge.

After the getting-to-know-you and business preliminaries were out of the way, David brought his expertise to the table. He focused in on a major concern when building a character, branding, which we had only vaguely considered. His concern was mainly that in her debut story Baby Girls is disguised as waitress. How would we introduce Baby Girl as a brand/character, in a setting where she was deliberately hiding her identity? We all simultaneously face-palmed, “Good fucking question!”

Anyway, with David’s help we worked it out. I’m sure that astute readers will be able to see the solution in the preview pages.

One more observation before we get to the sweet, sweet character design sketches: right off the bat David understood that Baby Girl was NOT a porno or cheesecake comic! Sure, there is definitely an over-the-top sexual element to the character and the concept, but we absolutely didn’t want Baby Girl to be a scantily clad bimbo with huge breasts. She uses sex as a weapon in the same way as a character like James Bond, albeit much more in-your-face.

Basically, for every tasteless situation we’ve written, David’s had an elegant solution.

OK, onto the art! These sketches are David’s first run at Baby Girl. In the end, we thought that they skewed too young. This batch also includes a look at the waitress uniform, which we loved.


These two sketches are where the rubber met the road. We eventually decided to go with the brunette model.


And, here she is folks!


BTW, everyone (that means you) should follow David Hahn on twitter and check out his sketch blog. Tell him TheThreeOneFive sent you!


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